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Nicosia, Cyprus, February 2013Nicosia, Cyprus, February 2013
Nicosia, Cyprus, February 201319-Feb-2013 14:24, NIKON COOLPIX S9100 , 3.5, 4.5mm, 0.01 sec, ISO 160


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TIP 6. Strong leadership.
A facilitative chair who can command the respect of external agencies. However, the importance of individual personalities should not be overlooked.
— The Consortium, Top Ten Tips for Successful Partnerships

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About Us

Monaghan County Council was awarded €3.6 million under Priority 1.1 of the EU PEACE III programme through the Special European Union Programmes Body (SEUPB) Structural Funds programme.

The overall objective of the PEACE III Programme is to reinforce progress towards a peaceful and stable society and to promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region.

The County Monaghan Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan outlines how the County Monaghan Peace Partnership will work towards building positive relations at a local level – the focus of Priority 1.1 of the programme.

The Monaghan PEACE III Partnership is established as a sub-committee of the Monaghan County Development Board.  Members of the Partnership are drawn from agencies and organisations represented on the Monaghan CDB – together with some additional community representation.

For further information on the PEACE III Programme please contact Nicola Payne, Monaghan PEACE III Programme Manager .