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William Carlton Society Summer SchoolWilliam Carlton Society Summer School
William Carlton Society Summer School01-Jan-2000 00:01, Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 16.0, 47.0mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 800


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TIP 6. Strong leadership.
A facilitative chair who can command the respect of external agencies. However, the importance of individual personalities should not be overlooked.
— The Consortium, Top Ten Tips for Successful Partnerships

Partnership Members

Member Organisation Sector
Mr Paul Clifford (Chair) Acting County Manager, Monaghan County Council Local Government Sector
Mr Adge King (Secretary) Director Community & Enterprise, Monaghan County Council Local Government Sector
Cllr Brian McKenna Monaghan County Council Elected Representative – Sinn Féin Local Government Sector
Cllr Owen Brannigan Monaghan County Council Elected Representative – Fine Gael Local Government Sector
Cllr John O’Brian Monaghan County Council Elected Representative – Fianna Fail Local Government Sector
Mr Peter McAleer Irish Congress of Trade Unions Social Partner – Trade Unions
Mr Seamus Traynor Irish Farmers Association Social Partner – Farming
Ms Patricia Monaghan Cavan & Monaghan Education & Training Board Statutory Agency
Mr Gabriel O’Connell Monaghan Integrated Development Local Development Agency
Mrs Breege Lennihan Co. Monaghan Community Network Social Partner – Community/Voluntary
Mr Malachy Marron Monaghan Community Forum (Co. Monaghan Disability Network) Social Partner – Community/Voluntary
Ms Mary Lynch Monaghan Community Forum (Co Monaghan Youth Network) Social Partner – Community/Voluntary  Peace III Target Group
Mr Brendan McKenna Failte Chluain Eois Social Partner – Community/Voluntary Peace III Target Group
Inspector James O’Leary An Garda Siochana State Agency
Mrs Ethne McCord Community Representative Community / Voluntary Peace III Target Group
Mr Jim Harrison Community Representative Community / Voluntary Peace III Target Group
Vacant EXPAC (membership rotates annually between the two organisations) Social Partner – Community/Voluntary Peace III Target Group
Vacant An Foras Áiseanna Saothair (FÁS) State Agency
Vacant Monaghan Chamber of Commerce Social Partner – Business

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