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Visiting the Cyprus Community Media Centre as part of the "New Perspectives" Training Programme, Nicosia, Cyprus February 2013Visiting the Cyprus Community Media Centre as part of the "New Perspectives" Training Programme, Nicosia, Cyprus February 2013
Visiting the Cyprus Community Media Centre as part of the "New Perspectives" Training Programme, Nicosia, Cyprus February 201321-Feb-2013 09:54, FUJIFILM FinePix F47fd , 4.5, 8.0mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 100


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TIP 9. Identified resources.
All Partners understand the resource contribution they are required to make in terms of time, personnel, finance, and so on, and that all such contributions are agreed by partners.
— The Consortium, Top Ten Tips for Successful Partnerships

Partnership Projects

These projects support and facilitate enhanced levels of cross-community/cross-border participation and networking.

These projects are delivered through a Partner Delivery Model which worked well in the delivery of aspects of Phase I. It meant that where particular activities were identified as being within the remit of particular Partnership members they were able to effectively deliver on peace-building activities. Furthermore this applied to a number of statutory agencies which has served to enhance the opportunity to mainstream peace-building within the work of those particular bodies.

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