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Matthew Ward, John Murphy, Shania Duffy, Sinead McElvaney, Orla McEneaney, Jack Ingram and David Duffy, at the Ballybay Fun Day in the Town Park last Sunday.  © Jimmy WalshMatthew Ward, John Murphy, Shania Duffy, Sinead McElvaney, Orla McEneaney, Jack Ingram and David Duffy, at the Ballybay Fun Day in the Town Park last Sunday. © Jimmy Walsh
Matthew Ward, John Murphy, Shania Duffy, Sinead McElvaney, Orla McEneaney, Jack Ingram and David Duffy, at the Ballybay Fun Day in the Town Park last Sunday. © Jimmy Walsh30-Jun-2013 16:21, Canon Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, 2.8, 35.0mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 100


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TIP 4. The partnership has the right members.
A balance is struck between involving a wide range of stakeholders and having a partnership board which is tight enough to get things done.
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As Lead Partner Monaghan County Council is responsible for a number of other projects using tender, partner delivery and the resource allocation delivery mechanisms.

These are:

  • Resource Allocation Model Funding – contact Gerry Campbell, on 047-30500
  • Embedding Peace Building (Priority 3) – contact Leona Keenan, on 047-30500
  • Minority Faith Capacity Building Project – contact Carolyne Murphy, Co-operation Ireland +44(0)775 378 9940
  • Cross-border Cross-Community Networking Project – contact Carolyne Murphy, Co-operation Ireland +44(0)775 378 9940
  • PACE Project (Parents Acting for Change and Enjoyment) – contact Dr Alvina Grosu, Culturwise Ireland call +353 (0)21 481 0140 or +353 (0)86 353 3113 or Dr Livingstone Thompson Living Cultural Solutions, call +353 (0)46 929 3861  or +353 (0)86 373 7135
  • Implementation of the Peace-Building Toolkit – contact Carol Follis on+44 (0)28 6632 5129 Groundwork Northern Ireland or  Sean McGearty, Consensus Research +353 (0)49 8542379