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Florence Creighton and Maureen Howe Butter churningFlorence Creighton and Maureen Howe Butter churning
Florence Creighton and Maureen Howe Butter churning


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TIP 9. Identified resources.
All Partners understand the resource contribution they are required to make in terms of time, personnel, finance, and so on, and that all such contributions are agreed by partners.
— The Consortium, Top Ten Tips for Successful Partnerships

Small Grants Projects

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As part of Phase II there is support for innovative initiatives that:

  1. Build community capacity
  2. Support our children and young people to reflect on the learning arising from the conflict and/or
  3. Embed peace-building approaches in the county (small grants programme)

This action makes provision for €15,000 – €137,500 funding per project.

A number of qualifying projects are funded through this Small Grants Scheme.

They are:-